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Extended target - there will be light! 14th July


The last few weeks we have been crowdfunding to restore the once-beautiful arched windows (no longer fit for purpose) in this wonderful old theatre built in 1742. Our target was to reach £9,850 by 23rd July 2015. Thanks to people's incredible generosity, we have hit our target 10 days early! Many wonderful people have joined our quest to bring light to The Lyric and many others have expressed an interest to come on board and be part of the campaign, but didn't get chance to pledge yet. It's not too late!

Now that we have secured the funds to go ahead (WAHOO!) we want to reach a further goal (£13,850to replace two additional windows that we didn't include in the campaign initially, plus additional funds to enable us to commission beautiful shutters - oh the irony - so that we can create an easy blackout for performances (let-there-sometimes-be-dark!) Let's try to raise this and get it all done in one go! 

We are so incredibly grateful to all who have pledged, left fantastic comments & words of encouragement so far, and who have shared our campaign to their networks helping to spread the word. 

YOU can help us to reach our target! 


  • By making a cash/cheque donation - please collect an envelope from Box Office Coffee.
  • By spreading the word to your friends, family, neighbours - the wonders of word of mouth!
  • By giving us a quote of ‘why you love the Lyric’

We are hugely grateful for any donations to this campaign and will thank everyone who donates by putting their name on a pledge board at the end. There are other rewards too on our online campaign, including a bespoke puppet or a coffee master class lesson.




The Lyric Theatre
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