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Let There Be Light! 1st July



We are fundraising to restore the once-beautiful arched windows (no longer fit for purpose) in this wonderful old theatre built in 1742. Our target is to reach £9,850 by 23rd July 2015. Would you like to help?

The much-loved Lyric Theatre is a grade II listed building in the heart of Bridport. The building has been in community use for all of its life. Since Niki McCretton bought the building in 2011 the building has, once again, become a lively place: 

  • presenting shows,
  • running a puppet club,
  • dance and theatre classes,
  • creating a space for youth theatre,
  • supporting artists - amateur and professional, local and international - to create their work,
  • providing a base for Stuff and Nonsense Theatre Company who make productions for families,
  • running a cosy coffee shop,
  • offering work experience placements to young people with professional theatre makers,
  • bringing in interesting and challenging performances from across the globe,
  • linking with other venues to support the arts
  • ...and being a wonderful and rare hub for the creation process of live performance.

Our mission is to make the performing arts as accessible as possible, to inspire creativity in all ages and to continue to be a place where people can learn, participate and instigate ideas.

The boarded up windows make the building appear sad and unloved - quite the opposite of what is going on inside! The original arched windows would have made the space so beautiful as well as doing what windows should - let in light and keep the rain and wind out! We simply cannot wait for the moment that we can remove the boarding and begin the restoration process to bring this building back to its former glory and flood it with light and warmth. 

YOU can help us to reach our target! 

  • By making a donation online at:

  • By making a cash/cheque donation - please collect an envelope from Box Office Coffee.
  • By spreading the word to your friends, family, neighbours - the wonders of word of mouth!
  • By giving us a quote of ‘why you love the Lyric’

We are hugely grateful for any donations to this campaign and will thank everyone who donates by putting their name on a pledge board at the end. There are other rewards too on our online campaign, including a bespoke puppet or a coffee master class lesson.

The Lyric is run as a Community Interest Company (C.I.C) which means that any money raised is ring-fenced for its charitable and community aims. 

* A big THANK YOU from the Lyric team *

Niki, Holly & Delphine

The Lyric Theatre
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Box Office: 01308 424901